Use Cases

We built RealCISO to empower teams to truly understand and manage their cyber risk. Explore a few of our customer use cases to see how organizations across industries are benefiting from a smarter cyber risk assessment platform.

How Customers Use RealCISO

Maintain Compliance

As compliance standards evolve, organizations need a cost-effective and time-effective way to ensure compliance. RealCISO makes ensuring compliance hassle-free. Leveraging a self-serve approach, teams can assess cyber risk and ensure compliance in a fraction of the time as other cyber risk assessment solutions. With advanced visualizations and robust reporting capabilities, RealCISO highlights compliance gaps and provides tailored vendor recommendations right in the platform so teams can take instant action. What’s more, RealCISO is based on NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171r2, CMMC v2, HIPAA Security Rule, PCI, SOC2, CIS Critical Security Controls & more.

Save time. Cut costs. Do away with the long sales conversations.

Ensure compliance the simple way with RealCISO.

Deliver Insights to Customer

Your customers’ security posture relies on your ability to assess and manage cyber risk. RealCISO makes it easy for consultants and professional services firms to meet customer requirements with robust cyber risk assessment capabilities. RealCISO’s guided risk audit empowers you to save time while receiving a risk score in just a few clicks.

What once took hours, now takes a fraction of the time.

Whether customers need to ensure strict compliance regulations or address unique security gaps, RealCISO provides total visibility into the process. Plus, RealCISO’s Marketplace enables professional services firms to point customers directly to upsell products, encouraging customers to take action all within the same platform.

Understand and Strengthen Your Security Posture

Cyber risk is business risk. RealCISO empowers teams across industries with a simple and effective way to understand and manage cyber risk without breaking the bank or wasting valuable time. Visualizations make gaps clear. Reporting features show you exactly what you need to do to strengthen your security posture. Our self-guided assessment saves your team time and frees your staff up to focus on mission critical objectives. What’s more, you can take action with tailored product recommendations right in the platform.

Managing your cyber risk doesn’t have to be complicated.

Discover a better approach with RealCISO. 

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