How Exactly Does RealCISO Help Small and Mid-Size Businesses?

By: Akash Desai

RealCISO is a cybersecurity risk assessment platform built for executives who are tired of not being able to intuitively understand their cyber risk and the (correctly scoped) right things to do.

Within the small and mid-size market, RealCISO buyers tend to be CEOs, COOs and compliance officers, and CFOs. Here is where RealCISO resonates with them.

CEOs Care About Revenue Growth, Investor Relations, and Risk Mitigation

When talking to the CEO or owner of a small business, conversations inevitably revolve around revenue growth. Most of the time, the business is facing sales friction or simply losing enterprise sales because it isn’t able to quickly and effectively communicate its cyber posture.

In the same vein, fundraising CEOs express the need for documentation to convince potential investors and their existing board that they are taking cybersecurity seriously.

Lastly, CEOs express the common sentiment that buying cybersecurity tools and services doesn’t make them feel safer. They don’t feel like they truly understand their cyber risk, let alone feel comfortable with mitigation plans.

Current options:

·      Do the best you can internally. Unfortunately smaller organizations lack internal security/compliance expertise to assess themselves and manage their security program

·      Hire a consulting firm. Sadly, engagements tend to be too long and too expensive

Why RealCISO wins:

·      RealCISO helps non-cybersecurity people (in a couple of hours) understand their cybersecurity posture, get a list of top things to fix, and where to go to get the fixes

·      A compliance or risk assessment report, as well as a Plan of Action, serves as documentation that can be provided to put investors or boards at ease or unblock the sales process with enterprise customers

CFOs Care About Understanding ROI and Reducing Spending Waste

Financial leaders consistently express their inability to truly understand whether money is being spent on the right cybersecurity solutions. Furthermore, in light of constantly expanding cybersecurity spending, they are unable to attribute ROI to purchases.

Status Quo:

·      Decisions are made based on gut feel or how strongly IT advocates for a solution. Knowledge asymmetry means a lot is lost in translation when the “server room” tries to talk to the “board room”.

Why RealCISO wins:

·      RealCISO helps an organization prioritize security gaps based on what moves the security needle. Do #1, then #2, then #3, and don’t spend any energy or money on the bottom 20 items.

·      A recommendation engine provides curated solutions to help address gaps. Transparent pricing and a detailed explanation of the controls addressed allow an organization to understand ROI.

COOs Care About Business Continuity and Regulatory Compliance

Operational and compliance leaders we talk to are focused on making sure they are complying with contractual or regulatory requirements. A healthcare organization, for instance, needs to protect Protected Health Information and report compliance to business partners and regulatory bodies. These leaders also want to understand cybersecurity-related disruption risks to operations in a meaningful way.

Current Options:

·      Regulatory obligations are tracked informally in documents and excel sheets.

·      Internal and third-party audits are painful processes with multi-week evidence collection efforts.

·      Risks of disruption are informally estimated and vaguely understood.

Why RealCISO Wins:

·      Answers from one assessment (eg HIPAA) are used to automatically answer new assessments (eg PCI). What would take many hours now becomes a minutes-long process.

·      One spot to answer controls and submit evidence and subsequent one-click report and evidence export means little prep work for external audits. Demonstrating regulatory compliance is no longer a long and soul-sucking process.