vCISO Platform

RealCISO’s multi-tenant platform streamlines the provision of vCISO services at scale, automating essential components such as risk and compliance assessments, gap analysis and the development of customized policies.

Create comprehensive, customer-facing reports, ensuring transparent communication and effective management of cybersecurity tasks.

Assess. Report. Remediate.

Added ARR. Drive more revenue with vCISO services.


Truly understand cybersecurity with advanced visualizations


Measure client progress with robust reporting capabilities.


Gain actionable insight on how to address each unique cyber challenge.


Truly understand cybersecurity with advanced visualizations


Measure client progress with robust reporting capabilities.


Gain actionable insight on how to address each unique cyber challenge.

How to Scale vCISO Services with Software

Guided Discovery Process

RealCISO begins with an initial discovery questionnaire tailored for each client, offering intuitive, concise, and visually engaging questions to accurately gauge their unique cybersecurity needs.

Data Driven Remediation Planning: Leveraging a proprietary algorithm, the RealCISO software develops a list of remediation tasks, carefully assessing the relevance and impact of each. The platform then prioritizes these tasks in a manner akin to an experienced CISO, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in addressing cybersecurity concerns.

Clear, User-Friendly Task Descriptions: Each task generated by RealCISO is presented in a clear, straightforward manner, making them easily understandable and actionable. This approach facilitates seamless implementation across diverse cybersecurity areas.

Comprehensive Task Spectrum: RealCISO covers a wide range of task types, from implementing technical controls and administrative procedures to configuring various security components, catering to all aspects of a client’s cybersecurity framework.

Deliver Insights to Customer

Your customers’ security posture relies on your ability to assess and manage cyber risk. RealCISO makes it easy for consultants and professional services firms to meet customer requirements with robust cyber risk assessment capabilities. RealCISO’s guided risk audit empowers you to save time while receiving a risk score in just a few clicks.

What once took hours, now takes a fraction of the time.

Whether customers need to ensure strict compliance regulations or address unique security gaps, RealCISO provides total visibility into the process. Plus, RealCISO’s Marketplace enables professional services firms to point customers directly to upsell products, encouraging customers to take action all within the same platform.

RealCISO Platform Difference

Perfect for Service Providers: RealCISO is designed to simplify account management for service providers. It allows you to effortlessly set up and manage individual accounts for each client, ensuring each client has access to their specific account. Moreover, it supports the creation of unlimited user accounts for your team, with customizable permissions to suit different roles and responsibilities.

Demonstrate Ongoing Value: RealCISO is adept at tracking and evaluating your client’s security posture and risk levels over a prolonged period. This functionality enables you to not only monitor progress effectively but also to demonstrate the tangible value of your services to clients, showcasing improvements in their cybersecurity stance over time.

Ultimate Whitelabel Software:  Our platform empowers you to offer a branded, comprehensive cybersecurity service that seamlessly integrates with your existing portfolio. With RealCISO, you can deliver top-tier risk management, compliance frameworks, and remediation plans, all under your own brand. Our multi-tenant architecture and personalized content frameworks ensure that you can provide unique and effective cybersecurity strategies for each of your clients.

Elevate your service offerings, enhance client trust, and drive revenue growth with RealCISO, the purpose-built solution that sets you apart in the cybersecurity space.

Expand vCISO Services to Clients with RealCISO

vCISO Clients

RealCISO is ideally suited for virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISOs) looking to provide comprehensive cybersecurity services to their clients.

Multi-Tenant Capabilities

RealCISO’s platform includes multi-tenant capabilities, allowing you to manage assessments for multiple clients within a single account. This feature streamlines your workflow, making it easy to switch between different client profiles and manage their cybersecurity assessments efficiently.

Customizable Reporting

With RealCISO, you have the ability to customize reports to suit the specific needs of each client. This flexibility ensures that you can provide tailored insights and recommendations, enhancing the value of your services.

Secure Client Data Segregation

Security and confidentiality are paramount in your role as a vCISO. RealCISO ensures that client data is securely segregated, maintaining the highest standards of privacy and data protection. This is crucial when handling sensitive information across various client accounts.

Comprehensive Assessments Based on Compliance Frameworks

RealCISO supports assessments based on common compliance frameworks, making it a versatile tool for evaluating and improving your clients’ cybersecurity posture. Whether your clients need to comply with frameworks like SOC2, HIPAA, or NIST, as s vCISO software suite – you’re covered.

Ease of Sharing Reports with Clients

The platform allows you to generate and share detailed assessment reports with your clients. This feature facilitates transparent communication and helps in making your clients understand their security standings and the necessary steps for improvement.

Enhanced Client Engagement

By providing clear and actionable insights, you can engage with your clients more effectively, helping them understand their vulnerabilities and the importance of remediation strategies.

Competitive Pricing

RealCISO stands out with its competitive pricing structure, offering a cost-effective solution for vCISOs managing multiple clients. Whether you’re working with small businesses or larger enterprises, the platform’s pricing tiers are designed to scale with your clients’ needs and budget.

Purpose Built

RealCISO is a comprehensive and secure platform that enhances your capability as a vCISO to deliver high-quality, customized cybersecurity services to your clients. It’s designed to make your job easier and your clients’ cybersecurity posture stronger.

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Affordability ensures you can provide top-tier cybersecurity assessment services without imposing excessive costs on your clients, making it an advantageous choice for both you and your client base. Experience the power of RealCISO for yourself.

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