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RealCISO Affiliate was specifically designed for consulting firms, vCISOs, MSSPs and other providers of infosec service delivery who are looking to scrap the spreadsheets and start assessing and managing their customers security programs in one central platform.


RealCISO for MSSPs

Staff shortages. A shift toward digital services. Disparate data. Today’s MSSPs are facing a growing list of challenges that make assessing cyber risk more difficult than ever. RealCISO helps you better support your customers by empowering you with a powerful software platform that saves time, reduces costs, ensures compliance, and enables team members to spend more time doing what they signed up for. No more complexity. No more long questionnaires. Become a partner and discover the power of RealCISO.

How You Benefit

Enhance customer
retention and loyalty

employee morale

Tap into new
markets and customer
segments with RealCISO’s
marketplace feature

Drive your bottom line
by minimizing training
and operations costs

for Professional Services

It’s essential that professional services firms have an effective way to audit and manage customer cyber risk. Unfortunately, cyber risk assessment has historically been an overly manual process that eats up resources and takes up time. RealCISO is a game-changing software platform that empowers your team to audit cyber risk with ease while pointing customers directly to your firm’s products to take swift action, all within the same platform. Save time and take the hassle out of the auditing process while seamlessly funneling customers to the products that will improve their security posture.

How You Benefit

Cut costs by streamlining
the risk assessment
and compliance process

Point customers
to your products using
RealCISO’s in-platform Marketplace feature

Save time with an
efficient way to audit
cyber risk

Gain a

Current Partners

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a Partner

RealCISO helps you save time, cut costs and take the hassle out of assessing cyber risk. Contact our team to learn more about partnership opportunities.